Client Spotlight: Optimist Ice Arena, Jackson, Michigan

Client Spotlight: Optimist Ice Arena, Jackson, Michigan

At Popity Popcorn, we take pride in providing the finest quality popcorn products to our esteemed clients. For decades, we've been privileged to partner with businesses that share our commitment to excellence and community. One such longstanding partnership that warms our hearts is with the Optimist Ice Arena in Jackson, Michigan.

Part of the Optimist Club in Jackson, the Optimist Ice Arena has been a cornerstone of entertainment and recreation since its opening. With over a half million skaters, guests, and fans entering its ice skating rinks each year, it's truly a hub of activity and excitement. Boasting two ice surfaces, a spacious lobby, administrative facilities, and a welcoming concession stand, the arena offers year-round skating opportunities, skating lessons, hockey leagues, and facility rentals. But its versatility doesn't stop there—events ranging from comedy shows to concerts, weddings to roller derbies, and even circus performances have found a home within its walls. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and calendar of events to see what they have coming up!


Don Trapp, a familiar face at the Optimist Ice Arena, shares why he chose Popity Popcorn as their concession stand supplier over three decades ago: "I've been ordering from them since I've been here in 1985. Popity Popcorn consistently has the best products."

And what keeps customers coming back for more? According to Trapp, it's the irresistible allure of our popcorn. "Many come to the facility and say we have the best popcorn. That is a favorite for sure. Some people say the popcorn is what they look forward to when they come!"                            

Right: Don Trapp




The partnership between the Optimist Ice Arena and Popity Popcorn has yielded countless memorable experiences and success stories. Trapp recalls, "There have been numerous occasions where guests have complimented us on the quality of our popcorn, thanks to Popity's delicious offerings."

What sets Popity Popcorn apart? Trapp sums it up succinctly: "Great, quality products. Everything tastes great and is top-notch."

As for their regular orders, Trapp reveals, "Popcorn and popcorn oil are number one. Then nacho cheese and supplies, caramel corn."

Popcorn served at a recent event at Optimist Ice Arena’s Concession stand

We're proud to serve Don Trapp and the Optimist Ice Arena, delivering joy in every kernel. With our commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service, we look forward to continuing our partnership and popping joy into every bite for years to come. And to Don and the team at the Optimist Ice Arena, we extend our heartfelt thanks for their continued support and friendship. Here's to many more years of shared success and delicious popcorn delights!


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