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Service & Repair

If your concession equipment is operated according to its instructions, you should get many years of dependable service out of your machine. However, if you’re in need of repairs, cleaning, replacement parts, or service, Pop-ity Popcorn is here to help! We’ll coordinate a time for you to drop off your machine and it should be ready for pick up within one week!

When is it Time to Maintain or Replace Your Popcorn Machine?

After several years of busy concession seasons, you might be wondering when it’s time to maintain or replace your machine. The best time to bring your machine in for service is during the “off-season” of your schedule. Most of the time, summer and fall tend to be the busiest seasons for concessions, especially at sporting events. Once you’ve determined what time of year is slowest for you, you can plan ahead to either get your machine repaired or replaced! If you determine a replacement is necessary, don’t put it off or try to make your machine last through one more season. If your concession equipment stops working in the middle of your busy season, you’ll lose business! And if you’re uncertain of the condition of your machine, schedule a time to bring it by and we’ll help determine if it needs maintenance or not.

What to Take Into Consideration:

  • The age of your machine: A properly maintained machine is expected to last for about 10 years. If your machine is older than this, it might be time for repairs or replacement.
  • How often you use your machine: If you use your popcorn popper or other concession machine weekly, or daily, it’s likely to need regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning.
  • The capacity of your machine: If your business and the demand for your product is growing, it might be time to switch out machines. The more product you can kick out, the more revenue you’ll earn!

We service Gold Medal, Paragon, Bunn, and Cecilware equipment. If you have any questions about your machine, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’d be happy to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

Whether your machine needs maintenance, repairs, or replacing, Pop-ity Popcorn has you covered! Even if you just need your popper cleaned, bring it on by! We pride ourselves on our customer service and expertise when it comes to concession equipment.