Simplify Fundraising with Pop-Ity Popcorn

Simplify Fundraising with Pop-Ity Popcorn

Are you tired of traditional fundraisers that hardly make a dent in your financial goals? Look no further than Popity Popcorn, a small local business with a goal of making a big impact on communities. With our dedication to quality, service, and community, Popity Popcorn offers a fundraising opportunity like no other.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Rob Haney, a 4th-grade teacher at Charlotte Upper Elementary in Charlotte, MI, who has successfully organized fundraisers with Popity Popcorn for the past two years. Mr. Haney shared his experience and enthusiasm for this innovative fundraising option, highlighting the tremendous benefits it has brought to his students and school community.

"Our 4th grade did the fundraiser this year in March and last year as well," Mr. Haney explained. "We use the money to take the 4th grade to Michigan Adventure, and it's been very successful."

What sets Popity Popcorn apart from other fundraisers, according to Mr. Haney, is the generous profit-sharing model. "This is the best fundraiser there is! We keep 50% of the sales, and the products are priced well for people buying the items, the same as they would online or in the store," he remarked. "Usually, we do a fundraiser, and items are very expensive for people to buy, and we don't get to keep much profit. Popity is easy to sell, is a quality product with great people."

Indeed, Popity Popcorn's commitment to affordability and quality ensures that both fundraisers and supporters reap the benefits. By offering products at significantly lower prices than other fundraising options, Popity Popcorn makes it simple for supporters to contribute while still receiving excellent value for their money.

Moreover, accessing Popity Popcorn's fundraising resources is as easy as popping corn. Visit our website to check out and even print fundraiser forms, simplifying the organization and promotion of your fundraising campaign. Print, hand them out, collect them, fill out the main form, turn it in to us and we will make a plan with you for when and how to get your items. Easy Peasy!

Mr. Haney shared the remarkable success his school has had with Popity Popcorn fundraisers, noting, "We have made over $4,000 each year we did the fundraiser." This substantial revenue has allowed the school to fund exciting activities and opportunities for its students, enriching their educational experience beyond the classroom.

But the benefits of partnering with Popity Popcorn extend beyond financial gain. The company's dedication to customer service and community support has left a lasting impression on Mr. Haney and his colleagues. "I don't know how they (Popity) make much money off of the fundraisers, but I really like them, appreciate the opportunity, and always pass the information on to other teachers, school administrators, and groups," he shared.

In addition to fundraisers, Popity Popcorn also supports schools through initiatives like Popcorn Fridays, delivering delicious freshly popped popcorn or popcorn kernel and oil kits for those who have machines, directly to the school for students and staff to enjoy. This convenient service further strengthens the bond between Popity Popcorn and its partner organizations, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

As Mr. Haney's 4th graders eagerly anticipate their upcoming trip to Michigan Adventure, made possible in part by the success of their Popity Popcorn fundraiser, it's clear that this small local business is making a big difference in the lives of students and communities alike.

So, whether you're a Scout troop, church group, sports team, classroom, or any other organization in need of a successful fundraiser, consider partnering with Popity Popcorn. 

Once Mr. Haney’s fourth graders turned in their fundraising sheets, Popity Popcorn made popcorn, caramel corn, cotton candy and other treats and drove them out to deliver. We have a large delivery area with low-cost delivery fees and will bring you any size order in our delivery area. You can check out all of our delivery information on our website. 

And, we are not just in Michigan! Several of our customers order with us and we ship items every day, so don’t let location stop you from fundraising with us. If you are in the continental United States, we are happy to ship your items to you. Shipping costs will be added to your order total. If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us, and we will gladly provide you with an estimate. With irresistible popcorn products, generous profit-sharing, and unwavering commitment to quality and service, Popity Popcorn is sure to help you pop your way to fundraising success. 

Visit the fundraising section here on our website, reach out to us in the store, or give us a call at (517) 977-1760.


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